Arrival . . .

. . . or departure ?  Now, at this moment, what is the easternmost border of my experience ? When above Hawaii the sun sets, in the west, above Ni'ihau, Ka'ula and Lehua, on the other side the morning begins... the same moment... where am I, in this moment ? Where are you ? Where do we stand ? And what, in this moment, moves us ?

The OMNA INSTITUT was created in the deep believe that we need spaces that foster authentic, respectful, healing and creative meetings between people that are different in their experiences and views, that embody different cultural and social realities, different interests and fascinations, that carry different wounds and express different ways of being, of human existence and dignity.  

On the foundation of individual body potential, with deep acceptance of the situation and open eyes for the reality of this moment a communicative space is created in which movement and change find peaceful and natural ways and touch the essence of our human existence. Individual sessions and coaching, group seminars, cultural education and creations that take place within the realm of the OMNA institute stand upon this foundation.