Hawaiian Bodywork

Educational Path Ola Mai Na'au Ali'i

The training in OMNA Bodywork Ola Mai Na'au Ali'i® takes 2 years. 

In the first year the overall field of our work is introduced. This year is also open for participants who wish to develop as persons and in their relationships or who want to integrate what they will learn into their profession. After the first year, you can decide, if you want to go on with the training. If you go on, you can decide, if you want to focus on bodywork with or without oil. The second year also includes 8 hours of individual supervision. It ends with a practical test and, upon successful passing of the test, the participants will receive the certificate of a Practitioner in OMNA Bodywork.


4x4 days: 


I: Introduction in foundations, concepts, basic conditions, sensitivity, reflexion of perception, body awareness and flow of energy, presence, Flying 


II: revision and consolidation, body posture and quality of touch, work on joints and spine without oil, basics of anatomy


III: revision and consolidation, breath- and process work, distance and nearness, broadening awareness, guiding autonomously through a session without oil 


IV: revision and consolidation, broadening knowledge on anatomy, working with oil (optional), going further in process oriented bodywork without oil (optional), basics of traumatic reactions, relevant literature


V (6 days intensive): revision and consolidation, forum literature, bodywork with/without oil, conclusion of first year, reflexion for everyday life and profession


Overview: the second year:

- 4x4 days + 1x6 days (with final test) 

- expanding anatomic and hygienic knowledge 

- neurobiology (brain - intuition - trauma) 

- creating an environment of trust and acceptance, nearness and boarders, authenticity and integrity 

- breath and process work 

- integral body-gestalt-work 

- bodywork: with/without oil – with/without touch

- communication – needs – emotions

- navigating with culture (expanding Hawaiian perspectives) 


Investment of time and costs per year:

4x4 days, 620 € (incl. housing) each

6 days intensive: 820 € (incl. housing)