Kokua – How to become Involved?

'A'ohe hana nui ke alu 'ia. 

                         No task is too big, when done together by all.

The center of OMNA Institute in the old Bacheiblhof in eastern Bavaria is growing with the continuous effort and love of volunteer helpers in house and garden, and upcoming projects. There are many hands, that build up and give life to this center, that shape it to what is has and will become. We invite you to join our ant hill!


Amongst the next projects are: to complete renovation work begun, to turn the empty barn in a big, light-filled, wood-and-glass space for seminars, dance, cultural events and exchanges... yes: that's a major project, and there is more: to develop an integrated use of the space for museum, archive, costume and stage-props storage for Ka 'Imi Na'auao – Im Dialog mit Hawaii e.V.

You can get involved as . . .

Happy workers: in house, garden, publicity things... you can bring in your special talents, passions, interests and expertise. You can work and stay for a little or longer while – when your're interested: we'll get together and have a talk about it.


Financial investors: Loans for the next 5 years are welcome. If you have the possibility and interest to support us this way, please contact us and we will work out contracts and conditions.


Financial benefactors: And if you are even willing to donate... we will not turn you down! Instead, we will be able to turn the barn into this light-filled, wood-and-glass . . .


Messengers: making our center and what's happening there known in the world, through whatever channels you have available: from family and friends to public spaces. Also: we gladly send you flyers, posters, programs (electronic or in print) to distribute.