The OMNA Institute

It is simple and universal. Somebody knocks at the door. The door is opened. Food is being put on the table, a bed prepared. And the evening is the time for stories... 


The OMNA Institute was founded by Penny Prior, Andrea Kandler and Hans-Wermer Lehmke as a training institute for Hawaiian bodywork. Since then in continuously evolved. 5 years ago the Institute took residence in the rooms of the old Bacheiblhof in the eastern Bavarian countryside. Here cultural evens, seminars, workshops, weekly trainings, individual work with people, families, parents and children take place. The OMNA Institute grew into a center for holistic health and intercultural education whose practices are deeply rooted in an old Hawaiian word for love: na'au ali'i. 

OMNA Institute in Bavaria
OMNA Institute in Bavaria

"Ola" is the Hawaiian word for life. It is grounded in the unique cultural and environmental landscape of Hawai'i Nei, where cultural contact resulted in tremendous devastations as well as in impressive creativity. The OMNA Institute exists and evolves in dialogue with Hawaii. In this communicative space attentiveness, consideration, respect, autonomy and authentic expression are trained. It is then when society's recall and reclaim of peace, sustainability and creative evolution may be heard in its manigfold reverberations.

If you want to get to know a country and its people, they say, you have to study their stories, their myths, legends and songs. Hula is the dance, dramatisation and living expression of Hawaiian tradition and poetry. The OMNA Institute is a home and a platform for Hula to be studied and performed on its classical foundation in a hula school "without walls": Ka 'Imi Na'auao - in Dialogue with Hawaii.

The OMNA Institute looks up to the stars of a cosmopolitan sky. It is intercultural education in a transcultural space of humane perception, action and emotion. It is navigating with culture.