Noho 'ana

On Individual Schedule with Andrea Kandler

It is a dream, that slowly grew into shape: a holistic place for healing, learning and living, a school without walls and the integration of the individual relation between student and teacher, client and therapist in a "place of welcome", which opens the doors for new experiences, perspectives, free spaces and possibilities for action.  Noho 'ana is an individual retreat with body- and process-oriented guidance Andrea Kandler. The schedule, intention and focus will be set down in a first meeting. The time-span can be a weekend, several days or weeks. The costs depend on the intensity of the program and will be set down with the client in the first meeting. Estimate: per day (with 2 h of individual work): 100 € (+ housing)

Who might be interested in Noho 'ana? Whoever ...


– is looking for help to bring changes into their lives or suffers from different aspects in their lives, actions, social environment, sensation/perception (physical/emotional/thoughts)


– is looking for time and space for themselves to bring some kind of not fully formed and formulated change into their lives 


– suffers under a lot of stress and wants to nurture their resilience, learn to recognise needs and activate resources 


– is at the moment experiencing deep biographical turning points or exceptional physical and emotional stress  (death of family members, partners or friends, divorce, family conflicts, sickness, care for people with special needs, accidents, conflicts at work, burn-out, chronic pain...)


– is looking for help in the education and recognition of needs of children with autism or difficult behaviour, as well as help in the inter-action with teachers and institutions to help instead of stigmatize their children