The Bavarian Island

On the Shores of Time

There we are! Hawaii in Bavaria. It's real. In the middle of the remote hamlet Vogging amongst the hills between the rivers Isar and Inn, in an area called "Rottal", "red valley". Our doors for you are open wide .... if not by chance a pandemic happens to be going around the planet :-) 

Usually, protocol of the house is:

The costs of stay for participants of seminars, retreat or lomi treatment is 70 €/night. This price includes a filled refrigerator.  Rooms with shared bathrooms are available according to capacities. Single rooms are given according to needs. A sauna, too, is available for use. 

All that supports life, insight, freedom and peace is welcome here. Depending on availability, our seminar-room and facilities can be rented. The rules of the house have to be followed, everything stays on its place and is left as it was. Our drums stay in the room! ;-)