Hiroyo Kitao's


Saturday Online Workshop (6 weeks) 2023

Organized in cooperation with  Ka 'Imi Na'auao - in Dialogue with Hawaii e.V.

Time: Saturdays, January 21 / 28 and February 4 / 11 / 18 / 25 2023


Germany: 8 - 9.30 a.m. (UTC+1)

Japan: 4 - 5.30 p.m

Hawaii: 9 - 10.30 p.m. (one day earlier = Friday nights)


The classes are held in small group online via Zoom 

Language of instruction: English

Costs: 220 €  

We search to discover our own potential by observation of the truthful responses of our body. Through experiencing small movements focusing on how you feel, and simple bodywork that enables you to become aware of the space expanding outside the body and within the body, you can observe the physical responses that change from moment to moment, depending on the environment.


The workshop is appropriate for anyone who is interested in expressive activities, and exploring the mysteries of their own body. Art lovers would enjoy this, as well.  


The 6 lessons based on sensing with the whole body will connect to awareness, self body conditioning and art. 


1.  breathing and body sense            

2.  perception and body sense           

3.  consciousness and body sense    

4.  environment and body sense         

5.  imagination and body sense         

6.  abstract expression and body sense   


What you need:

- a blanket

- a space on the floor

- a laptop or computer with webcam

- a stable internet connection 

- you can understand simple English 


If you ask yourself, if the classes are suited for you, please contact us by e-mail or phone. We ask you to register soon, as spaces are limited.

Who is Hiroyo Kitao? --- Click here.


There are many things we can do and sense with our bodies which share this moment and place. When can enjoy the sense of each other's and each moment's difference, there is no border between us and no barrier among us. Let's try out and enjoy, opening 6 Doors to SHINTAI-GOTO 身体事  : Expression Beyond Notion. 

Photo: naoKW