Hiroyo Kitao's


Saturday Remote Workshop (6 lessons)

10 – 11.30 a.m. on May 8 / 15 / 22 / 29 & June 5 / 12 2021

The classes are held online via Zoom (limited to 10 participants

Early-bird price until April 5.:  180 € (after that: 220 €) 

Organized in cooperation with  Ka 'Imi Na'auao - in Dialogue with Hawaii e.V. 

Sensing / Awareness / Expression Beyond Notion   


This remote workshop is aimed at helping participants discover their own potential by the truthful responses of the body.  Through experiencing small movements focusing on how you feel, and simple bodywork that enables you to become aware of the space expanding outside the body and within the body, you can observe the physical responses that change from moment to moment, depending on the environment.


The workshop is appropriate for anyone who is interested in expressive activities, and exploring the mysteries of their own body. Art lovers would enjoy this, as well.  


6 lessons based on sensing by the whole body will connect to Awareness, Self body conditioning, and Art.  After some body works and essential trials, we will meet body relaxations, gentle movements, many kinds of new sensations, and specific moments for expression. 

Hiroyo Kitao's Performance Art exceeds the sharing of imagination or telling of stories. It enables us to communicate with our own bodies and with each other through physical sensation. We experience choices and possibilities. There are many things we can do and sense with our bodies which share this moment and place... .... when can enjoy the sense of each other's and each moment's difference, there is no border between us and no barrier among us.

Let's try out and enjoy Expression Beyond Notion: 身体事 SHINTAI-GOTO: aiming for the expression which affects the other's (the person who sees) sensation. 


We look forward to 6 weeks in May-June 2021, when we will experience the unfolding of SHINTAI-GOTO in our sensing and day-by-day expressions of life. 

We are very happy to be able to facilitate a new encounter with Hiroyo Kitao on an international level! We look forward to new creations and to the unfolding of newly discovered corporeal knowledge in our awareness and daily expressions of life!  

Photo: omba
Photo: omba

Photo in the background: Nami Hirao