Dr. Hiroyo Kitao

Performance Artist, Japan

Photo: omba
Photo: omba

Dr. Hiroyo Kitao teaches at graduate college, Joshibi University for Art and Design (Tokyo), teaching about somatic sensing in art and the potentiality of the body. 


Hiroyo Kitao's You Tube Channel offers open access to treasures from her archive.


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Official website: http://www.nsknet.or.jp/~kitao/ 


---- to stir the inner thoughts and the sub-consciousness encounter----



The first deviance: She gradually stepped out of modern dance, which she started in the genealogy of German Expressionism (Mary Wigman) in her childhood. She studied several kinds of body work (including Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Method), bio-dynamics theory, and applied kinesiology. In 1991, she started with solo dance performances and workshops exploring body sensation deeply in an own way. 


The second deviance: In 1993 she received a doctorate (Ph.D.) by research in medical science : " relationship of arteriosclerosis and immunology".

She felt unsatisfied and serious ambivalences, while interested and absorbed in science "preventive medicine".


1995: Presented performance ”Time-Space” in according with her new concept and idea. Delving the hidden truth about physical sensibility, she incorporates "corporeal thinking" into her performance. 


In 1996, she organized a contemporary dance unit Esqui:nouver. 


2001: wandering performance activity in Europe for 1 year. Fascinated with the idea that a body is a phenomenon, she expresses physical reactions triggered by feeling as "corporeal matters" in her performances around the world. 


2003: Received the outstanding performance award at International Theatre Festival in Moldova. 


Now, Hiroyo Kitao is focusing on her solo dance activities including collaborative productions with artists from various fields. She is calling her works SHINTAI-GOTO, it means the expression of body incidence, which is starting from corporal knowing and body sensing in the sub-consciousness level.


She is shearing her workshop and experimental performance for sending the potentiality of Art in our daily life. KITAO has been actively involved in the solo as well as unit activities and collaboration with artists in a variety of venues. She opened her workshops in Japan, France, Germany, Turkey, Armenia, Poland, and Guatemala since 2000.


She worked as the physiotherapist for dancers of Pina Bausch & Wuppertal Tanztheater during the tour in Japan and Europe in 2000 and 2001.