Hans-Werner Lehmke

Whether there is a concentration of problems and conflicts in connection with a certain object/building/property or whether there are general health and other personal problems that seem to remain unsolved, Feng Shui and Geomantics can provide helpful and effective approaches towards a solution. Hans-Werner Lehmke offers information and counseling on the possibilities and perspectives that those methods offer in a given situation. His work so far has helped individuals, communities of heirs, constructors, investors and buildings... 


Hans-Werner Lehmke offers individual consulting, coaching and training in the fields of Feng Shui, Geomantics und Electrobiology / Electrosmog. As a consultant he assists with development projects, prepares in depth analyses for land property and offers consulting with regard to investment projects in real estate.


Contact: lehmke@omna-i.de  oder  Tel.: +49 (0)8727 9696061

Besides taking a major role in building up the new center of the OMNA Institute at Bacheiblhof, he is a consultant for Feng Shui and Geomancy since 1996, a trainer for QI-MAG® International Feng-Shui & Geobiology Institute (authorised by Prof. Dr. Jes T. Y. Lim) and consultant for Vital-Energy Office™ und Vital House® Projects, as well as QI- MAG® health consultant.