Penny Prior

The cooperation between Penny Prior and Andrea Kandler led to the creation of OMNA Institute. Together they developed the educational path of Hawaiian Bodywork Ola Mai Na‘au Ali’i ®.

Penny Prior has been involved with the healing arts for over 40 years. She specializes in Hawaiian bodywork Lomi that was introduced to her by the Hawaiian master teacher Kahu Abraham Kawai'i in 1987. She studied with Kahu for a number of years and learned a new way of life that inspired her to move permanently to Hawai'i in 1990. She began teaching on her own and also continued to study the Hawaiian culture. In 1992, Penny met the Hawaiian cultural and hula master Kumu Hula Roselle Keli'ihonipua Bailey and joined her hula halau (school). She is still actively involved today in dancing with the halau and continuing to learn. She loves to sing and play ukulele.


Penny's background also includes: completion of instructor training in Kundalini Yoga, 8 years of training and practice in Marshall Rosenberg's Non Violent Communication, awareness training in an outdoor wilderness school, training and practice in bodyoriented psychotherapy and trauma work, 5 years training as a martial artist, lifetime training in dance

Penny Prior offers single sessions and trainings in OMNA Bodywork – Ola Mai Na‘au Ali’i ® on Kaua'i, as well as Germany where she co-teaches advanced students together with Andrea Kandler. Throughout her life she qualified in various fields as diverse as wilderness training, martial arts, dance, Nonviolent Communication, trauma work and Kundalini Yoga. On Kaua'i she offers personal trainings and coachings that draw from this diversity of experience and knowledge.


On Kaua'i, Penny Prior can be reached at 808-822-0919 or