Life starts!

It is turning, whirling, sparkling

– Excuse me, where is the »Restaurant of Self-Love«?

– Milky Way. Second turn left.  

We are all in this together.

Sometimes we loose sight of what is already here.

Sometimes we are so busy fighting ourselves that we loose sight of the stuff our dreams are made of.

Sometimes the dark shadows creep in – –



End of the road? – –

The only limit is the sky? – –


Welcome to OMNA Institute! Not quite at the end of the road. Not quite at the end of the world. But nearly. And nearly you feel you can touch the sky, here on the countryside. It is a good place to start anew, to recover a fresh focus. Life starts!

Currently we offer support in your current life situation, wherever you stand, at our place as well as through Zoom or telephone. Make an appointment for your personal »Tea Time« with Andrea or Susanne. Let's find out how we can assist you!