OMNA Bodywork

Personal Sessions

With Andrea Kandler


The Bodywork Ola Mai Na’au Ali’i ® is based on the traditional Hawaiian Bodywork Lomi. It is holistic and process oriented. It fosters regeneration, resources and self-healing. Compassionate presence and awareness create a nurturing and secure environment where change can happen. We can meet problems and pain with acceptance and openness. Energy can flow freely. A space of emptiness and silence emerges. 


Session with oil:

Rhythmic, with music, flowing, centered in the present awareness. The client makes the precious experience of a fundamental silence, of arriving in deep connectedness. Healing happens. 

Duration: about 2,5 h

Costs: 160 €


Session without oil (please come in comfortable clothes):

Specific, often starting from a physical problem, dissociation after high stress, traumatic experiences or a low level of body awareness. The client makes the precious experience to work actively with their own body awareness and become themselves the creator of change. 

Duration: about 2,5 h / Short version: 1,5 h

Costs: 160 € / Short version: 90 €

Recommendation: OMNA Session with overnight stay:

1st day: arrival, preliminary talk, dinner

2nd day: Personal Session + day in own rythm

3rd day: Breakfast, concluding talk (outlook + integration), departure

Costs: 300 €

Individual Arrangement: or Tel: +49 (0)8727 9696061