October 2017

Hiroyo Kitao

Body Phenomena : 身体事/SHINTAI-GOTO

Through BODY PHENOMENA :  身 体事 / SHINTAI-GOTO (performance and workshop) I would like to issue the interchange and sharing of physical sensation with the participants.H. Kitao

Photo: naoKW
Photo: naoKW

Kitao’s life-work is designed to rediscover our sense of bodies. Embodiment is diminishing in our daily life and the senses are blunting in our modern world. Thus her programs first focus on the way things are. We then start to face the sense of our bodies sincerely and discover again the forgotten sense of our bodies. Then we can realize our indwelling potential which is difficult to perceive ordinarily. In the workshops we can meet different body sensations and reactions depending on each person's situation. And we will interact with and sense each other through the presentation and sharing in these workshops.

Solo Performance

Edge of Nougat … things which disappear unnoticed but which exist before one becomes aware…


Theme: the potentiality of this present body…

The performance will present a non-verbal world. It exceeds the sharing of imagination or the telling of stories. It comes with the invitation and the hope, that everyone present will experience the emergence of individual sensations and the meeting with others and with the physical world and space surrounding.

Various incidences, accidents and events are happening in the world right now… things that we can do with our bodies which share this moment and place… creatures or non-living things, physical bodies or mind and soul… no barriers amongst us. At this moment and with these bodies, let us choose and discover the existence of something we can do.


“Edge of Nougat” is Hiroyo Kitao’s silent solo series without music.


Bio Dynamics & Self Body Conditioning

This workshop offers natural self-body-treatment and guidance for self-body-care. Our focus on the human body's natural capacity and the dynamics of change will provide the guidance in evolving toward self-body care and recognizing the body's essential potential. This is a small group workshop for body conditioning based on Bio Dynamics theory. We meet with relaxation in the body and gentle movement after some body works. It is open to dancers and dedicated general public, who are interested in the Body Self-Conditioning or have some problem with certain movements.

(3 days, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. / 220 Euro) 

Creative Creation

Searching for steps toward expression through awakening the fine sensitivity of the body, feeling primitive movement emerging from the environment, encountering some constantly metamorphosing imagination and body dialogue, and discovering the experience of corporeal thinking. This workshop focuses on the work of noticing the potentiality of (conscious and sub-conscious) sensing, which are changing in every moment. Experience in awareness and creation will give you some inspiration ”how to be”.  It is open to anyone interested in physical expression and any kind of art.

(3 days, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. / 220 Euro)

Personal Session

Treatment and the guidance for self-body care.  Kitao's technique and method for sessions are depending on the sensitive subtle reflection and self-healing system. The gentle body work and treatment carry some body sense and freedom for thinking/moving in everyday life.

(60-90 Min. / 50-70 €)

About Hiroyo Kitao

Hiroyo Kitao is a performance artist from Japan.


The concept of the performance is "to stir the inner thoughts and the sub-consciousness encounter ".  

While delving the hidden truth about physical sensibility, she incorporates "corporeal thinking" into her performance. Fascinated with the idea that a body is a phenomenon, she expresses physical reactions triggered by sensing as "corporeal matters" in her performances around the world.


The first bifurcation: she gradually stepped out of modern dance, which she started in the genealogy of  German Expressionism (Mary Wigman) in her childhood. She studied some kinds of body work (including Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Method), bio-dynamics theory, and applied kinesiology. In 1991, she started solo dance performance and workshop exploring body sensation deeply in her own way. She worked as the physiotherapist of Pina Bausch & Wuppertal Tanztheater dancers accompanying their tours in Europe and Japan.


The second bifurcation: she received a doctorate (Ph.D.) by research in medical science on the “relationship of arteriosclerosis and immunology” in 1993. She felt unsatisfied and serious ambivalences, while still

interested and absorbed in ”preventive medicine” science.


1995: Presentation of the performance ”Time-Space” in according with her new concept and idea. Delving the hidden truth about physical sensibility, she incorporates "corporeal thinking" into her performance.


2001: Travelling performance activity in Europe for 1 year. Fascinated with the idea that a body is a phenomenon, she expresses physical reactions triggered by feeling as "corporeal matters" in her performances around the world.


2003: She received the outstanding performance award at the International Theatre Festival in Moldova.  


Now: She is focusing on her solo dance activities including collaborative productions with artists from various fields. She is calling her works “KÖRPER-GESCHEHEN (Body Phenomena) / 身体事 / SHINTAI-GOTO”, it means the expression of body incidence, which is usually starting from corporal knowing and body sensing on the sub-conscious level. She is shearing her workshops and experimental performances for sending the potentiality of art in our daily life.


She is currently a lecturer at the graduate school of Joshibi University of Art and Design, teaching the significance of somatic sensation in art and the potentiality of the body.