Andrea Kandler

From the classroom into life . . . after working many years as a special education teacher and a counselor for parents and teachers to recognize the needs of autistic children, Andrea Kandler moved to a different working field and environment but never changed her basic motivation: a school without walls, a secure space where talents can be discovered and developed, a space in which the individuality of each person is taken seriously and becomes the foundation of a vibrant learning and living experience. This is the space of unconditional welcome, of trust, acceptance and respect... in everlasting, evergrowing awareness – a well-spring of love and joy.

Andrea Kandler offers single sessions and trainings in Bodywork Ola Mai Na‘au Ali’i ® and leads a retreat program Noho 'ana to rediscover and foster personal resilience, orientation and perspectives in a holistic and peacebuilding way of living. Moreover, she offers individual consulting and assistance for parents of children with autistic behaviour and learning difficulties - also in the context of Noho 'ana: because what it often needs and what we do not allow ourselves is simply: time.

Andrea Kandler holds a Teachers Degree for Special Education from the University of Munich and worked as a teacher at a private school at the Children's Hospital Josefinum, Augsburg, and as consulting teacher for schools, teachers and parents taking care for children and adolescents with autistic behaviour in the district Svabia, Bavaria. 


After studying different forms of bodywork, e.g. with Dr. Leland Johnson and Auguste Erlhoff (Integrative Gestalt and Bodywork according to Dr. phil. Leland Johnson) and with Penny Prior (Hawaiian Bodywork Lomi), she developed the educational path and bodywork Ola Mai Na‘au Ali’i ® together with Penny Prior. She has been co-teaching with Penny Prior since.


In 2013 the OMNA Institute moved from Augsburg to eastern Bavaria and took seat in the old Bacheiblhof. The new home offered the possibilities to further develop her body-oriented way of counseling and guiding people with the new format of Noho 'ana (a stay at our center for several days) and long-term guidance (also for families), as well as through the continuous dialogue and interweaving of different, as well as shared perspectives and approaches with the guest teachers at OMNA Institute. 




by Andrea Kandler