Susanne Ferril

Susanne Ferril is actively involved in guiding and counseling during the Noho 'ana group-retreats twice a year and offers personal sessions during certain times at the OMNA Institute. The next possibility to book a session with Susanne in 2018 is between Nov 23 - 27.

Susanne Ferril was born in Linz in 1968 – the year of riots, activism and "big ideas" about a different society... We know, what came out of that. Different ways had to be found. We are still looking for them. Susanne certainly is one of those: searchers. She holds a university degree in Technical Mathematics and worked a "regular" job... until she decided to pull herself fully on a different track. Since the turn of the new millenium she is Heart-Path-Facilitator, leads a free Studio for Transformation and Energywork, is Lomi-Practitioner (Hawaiian Bodywork, as studied in the OMNA Institute), Coordinator für the life-school „Die Sonnenbruderschaft“ and enjoys numerology and sound. She has been living in an intercultural partnership for many years and looks to built up colourful networks of peace, mutual respect and support. Her tenacity in this vision and desire has been and is wind in the sails of the OMNA canoe.