Home of the OMNA Institute is the "Bacheiblhof", one of the old Bavarian farm houses scattered along the soft hills of an area called "Rottal" (red valley). From Munich or Salzburg it is about a 2 hour train ride to "Eggenfelden" train station where we usually pick up our guests. Of course, you can also take the car...  

Ola is Hawaiian for: health, life 

Mai tells you the direction: towards me/us

Na’au are the intestines, bowels; feelings, mood, heart; mind 

Na’au Ali’i is an old, nowadays hardly used expression for Aloha, a word which was marketed to sheer emptiness, representing a "fake-culture" of empty smiles and paradise illusions, thus turning into the opposite of its original meaning: compassionate love


It is simple and universal: somebody knocks at your door. You open it, put food on the table, prepare a bed.

In the night, there will be shelter. And the evenings are full of stories...

In our house seminars take place, weekly courses, individual work with people, families, parents and children. The OMNA Institute is a dreaming, colourful center for holistic health and intercultural education whose practices and visions are inspired by an old Hawaiian word for love: na'au ali'i.


Penny Prior