Hawaiian Bodywork

Single Sessions and Educational Path Ola Mai Na'au Ali'i

In accord with the objectives of the Beijing Declaration, adopted by the WHO Congress for traditional medicine on Nov. 8, 2008, the OMNA Institute promotes the traditional Hawaiian massage Lomi and the teaching thereof as a holistic cultural technique of health care and health promotion that deserves to to be integrated into local contexts and health practices - in a transdisciplinary and crosscultural scope.


But Lomi is much more than "a simple method" on the "health market".  Out of respect and appreciation for the unique cultural origins and meaning of Lomi, Penny Prior und Andrea Kandler developed the educational path of Ola Mai Na'au Ali'i®, and put their style and practice of Hawaiian bodywork under the guidance of this name.

A single session is a massage with or without oil, about 2 hours (150-200 Euro).

It's about integration, re-alignment, centering, awareness and "unwinding" – a process unfolds into the presence of the moment. Every session is a performance which meets the big and small themes of human life with compassionate presence. Thus we can meet the sorrows, problems, tensions and obstacles in our lives and our bodies with newly gained acceptance and openness. Something new can emerge. We meet with desires, needs and dreams, individual sense and perception, authentic expression and the ability of neutral observation. Ways towards self-healing and self-expression are revealed as well as the sense for our surrounding and the connectedness with the deeper forces of existence.



Single Session with Andrea Kandler – can be combined with an overnight stay or with Noho 'ana – 

kandler@omna-institut.de or Tel: +49 (0)8727 9696061


Single Sessions with Penny Prior on Kaua'i, USA: Tel.: 808-822-0919 or pennylomi@yahoo.com