Ola Mai Na'au Ali'i

Educational Path

The certified educational path Ola Mai Na'au Ali'i® to become a Practitioner in Lomi / Hawaiian bodywork was developed by Penny Prior and Andrea Kandler. It comprises at least 296 hours that include Basic Seminars, Advanced Seminars, Supervision and Special Courses with various focus, some of them are obligatory, others optional - Anatomy in Movement, Hygiene, Process Support, Hawaiian Culture. The organisation and duration of the training is flexible and individual (the average is 2-3 years). 

2 x 4 days (64 hrs.)


Advanced Trainings

including processwork

total of 14 days (112 hrs.)

Final Seminar

with final exam

7 days (56 hrs.)


2 days (16 hrs.)


2 days (16 hrs.)

2 days (16 hrs.)

2 days (16 Std.)


Navigating through Culture

Hawaiian Perspektives

2 days (16 hrs.)

TOTAL = at least 37 days (296 hrs.)

(within 2-3 years)

In den Fortbildungsseminaren für Practitioner bieten wir Supervisionen an, Spezialprogramme zu körperorientierter Prozessbegleitung und Traumaarbeit, Kurse in Körperwahrnehmung und Körperpräsenz (auch zur Anleitung für Gruppen), Navigation durch Kultur (hawaiianisches Kulturlabor).

In the trainings we have developed, we have especially focused on the principle of ohana (family) and we treasure the wonderful connections we have made with our students that have deepened our own life experience. The skills we teach include the lomi (Hawaiian Bodywork), geomancy (working with earth energies and the art of placement and alignment to create a supportive environment) and communication (for one's own life and with clients). We also share many forms of movement including Kundalini yoga and basic lua (Hawaiian martial art movement that is the foundation of our form of Hawaiian bodywork), cultural values, including singing Hawaiian music and some basic chants.

What is inevitable in these practices, is a change in perspective and a different way of being. The outcome can be more awareness, more self connection to body, mind and spirit, more connection to others, deeper listening skills, ability to touch another body and create a change on all levels, loving presence and self nurturing at a deep level to release old patterns and ideas. Also being in nature and on the land can also bring about more trust and a deep sense of peace. Being in Hawaii on the land with special guidance from those who know the land can create an even deeper transformation. It is like a coming home to who we really are.


- Penny Prior, Mitbegründerin des OMNA Instituts